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Innocent Child: Against all odds : Collen Khoza

A5, 197p.

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After he survived the life that led many innocent children into drug addiction and being alcoholics, murderers or criminals, he then used his experience to write the book and called it Innocent child against all odds (the book about pain, anger, hatred, revenge and the love of God) to help as many innocent children and women as possible after he realised the cause of women and children being killed every day, to help men to speak out instead of keeping pain inside. The author blames the parents who are dumping and abusing their children, women who are deliberately provoking innocent men, knowing that that officials who are not listening to men’s complaints about women. They always side with a woman, but they are actually getting her killed, because every day somewhere a woman is being killed or abused. They are facing demons they don’t know, with the amount of anger they can’t handle.