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Dare We Believe in a Life with a Purpose – August Schmiedeskamp & Elmarie Bouwer

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Every one of us has – at some point in life – asked the question, WHY? Only the truly courageous among us dare to pursue that question to its logical conclusion.

August was a beautiful, healthy, fully developed, full-term baby. Due to an umbilical cord prolapse at birth, August was starved of sufficient oxygen. After two weeks in ICU, August left the private clinic a cerebral palsied spastic quadriplegic. For two decades the family searched for solutions. Many solutions were found, but many more disappointments, disillusionments, rejections and humiliations were suffered. When August was in his early twenties, he hit rock bottom. He was depressed. He no longer wanted to live. After an instant, positive turnaround, things changed for the better. Magnificently much better.

August now is the CEO of one company and the MD of another company. He writes the most beautiful poems and songs. He co-authors his books, and has great plans for the future. August is in a relationship with a lovely young lady.

August has grown from physical and emotional Pain to Purpose in a space of four years. He now lives his Purpose. We invite you to journey with us from Pain to Purpose, and decide for yourself – “Dare We Believe in a Life with a Purpose?”

Be inspired by these ordinary people who have simply refused to back down in the face of some of the most challenging situations imaginable. Let them introduce you to their answer to the one question we all ask: WHY?

~ Rick Moser – Associate Pastor, Doxa Deo Parkview, South Africa