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A Fatal Withdrawal – Danie Markgraaff

A5, 384p.

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Christian Mayer’s life started from brokenness, being born out of wedlock. He lost his mother when she gave birth to him anchoring feelings of rejection and abandonment deep inside. As he grew up he covered them beneath a tungsten layer of a genius mind and took control of the world around him, proving himself.

Christian abandoned his adopted parents and the house he was raised in before finishing school, isolating himself in a desperate effort to protect his heart and emotions from the pain and disappointment of feelings of abandonment and rejection. He rebelled against his adopted father, a missionary to South Africa, and against his adopted mother, a paediatrician, leaving them in the wake of disillusionment to establish an international crime network superior to all.

Christian Mayer used his incredible mind and memory to create a life where he had money, power, influence, and recognition. Operating in both legal and shadow economies of the world, he built a link between organised crime and legitimate business by creating the perfect, profitable crime logistics pipeline servicing trade through and into Africa from Cape Town, servicing diversified syndicates and organisations across the globe, until the day he realised he needed his family in his life, he longed to be with them.

It would mean withdrawing from the pipeline, leaving multiple organised crime syndicates and their organisations exposed and at risk, threateningly rejecting his idea with no intention of letting him retire. Christian was prepared to go to exceptional lengths to provide a future for Cruzita Escalera, his mother and his sister. Despite Cruzita’s betrayal, he loved her dearly. When they murdered her, Christian Mayer withdrew irrespective of the consequences, recklessly taking many of his enemies with him.

But would it be FATAL?